Long Lasting Quality, with a Focus on Community.

KDG creates residential and commercial real estate project in London and Middlesex County. Within the communities where KDG builds, they initiate positive change and always strive to leave the physical environment and social fabric better than when they began.

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Kevlar Development Group, also known as KDG, was created by Kevin and Laura Murphy over a decade ago, in order to develop infrastructure to bring essential and necessary commercial services to cities and small towns.

Kevin and Laura have been married now for 10 years and bring with them an accumulated 20 years of experience in owning several businesses and in real estate holdings. They have a keen interest in delivering services to small towns and communities through commercial land development.


Ilderton Development

KDG constructed a 3 Unit Commercial Property in Ilderton with the intent to create a modern structure with appealing landscape to fit into this gem of a small town that is growing exponentially with newly developed residential neighborhoods.Their vision for this property is to provide needed services to a small community. So important to them, that they met with the municipality to investigate which businesses would be of value...

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Innerkip Development

KDG is in the process of transforming the old Trinity School location into a 5 Unit Commercial Property to house necessary, local services. It’s a 8,800 square feet building and it’ll feature units ranging between 1,200 and 4,400 square feet for new and expanded business. They’ll be available to rent in 2021. The focus for KDG in this development is to create a commercial asset to the community – To fulfill essential services...

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