Past Projects

Ilderton, ON

KDG constructed a 3 Unit Commercial Property in Ilderton with the intent to create a modern structure with appealing landscape to fit into this gem of a small town that is growing exponentially with newly developed residential neighborhoods.Their vision for this property is to provide needed services to a small community. So important to them, that they met with the municipality to investigate which businesses would be of value to the residents of this town – such as, Subway Inc, CFDC Business Help and Ilderton Pharmacy.

Innerkip, ON

Innerkip is approximately 50 km from London, ON (Approx 1,000 residents).
5 Unit Commercial Property

KDG developed the land of the old Trinity School location for a 5 Unit Commercial Property to house necessary, local services. It’s a 8,800 square feet building and it’ll feature units ranging between 1,200 and 4,400 square feet for new and expanded business. The focus for KDG in this development was to create a commercial asset to the community – To fulfill essential services such as insurance companies, financial advisors, pharmacists – things that everyone needs. This is an ecologically friendly build. KDG has recycled as much metal as possible from the demolition – including duct work, the metal roof and beams. The concrete from the building has been crushed and will be reused as the base for the parking lot.

This project has been sold.

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Future Residential Site - Lambeth, ON

KDG prepared the land at 6756 James Street, Lambeth, ON for a multi-unit townhome development.

This project has been sold.